2 years later

it has been 2 years since my last post.

i am not dead yet for sure (thank god!), but i loss interest in blogging.

but now, i am back. i am writing again. i am actually not getting better from psoriasis. I can hardly digest what Dr Pagano suggest in his book, healing Psoriasis. And i am spending more money on medication and have another doctor to observe me.

this time, i will take it more seriously. I have been to 2 appointments and the next one is a fortnight away.

i have a bad habit of not being persistent, or in other words, laziness. I don't know if this laziness causes me psoriasis or the other way around, but i am certain, it get worst if i don't do something about it. It is like my calling. it is like my challenge. it is my dream to be clear of this curse.

My mom always said to me, i have a very nice skin when i am younger, and she sounds upset about me being this way. I don't really know what to say or feel. Should i be sad? Angry? Uplifted? motivated? give up? it is all jumbled up. but one thing for sure, i have high hope of dr pagano method. it is an interesting method actually. I am trying to understand it and it took me more than just a book to read, i need to do a lot of homework regarding the remedy, a spent some fortune (or converting my spending) to able to follow this method. not forgetting, i need to convince other people around me to support experiment and to not interfere with my effort.

it is a hard work and i am actually procrastinating over it again and again...

one thing i learn from life is, if you don't work hard, you will suffer later. And yes, it is a challenge. the nature is challenging me to change my way and take care of my gifted body.


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