Friday, November 19, 2010

The Treatment Chronicle: Dr. Subra's Centre For Skin Diseases

Today, I pay a visit to Dr. Subra's Centre For Skin Diseases in Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka historical city. It is a brief visit. My mother is attending a meeting in Melaka, so my father take this opportunity to bring me for treatment.

When we first arrived there, I register myself at the counter. I guess this is an old clinic based on the appearance. The registration process is computerized. I just give them my particulars. but, I still get my physical appointment card, with stamped date and hand written name. The doctor in charged today is Dr. Muniandi.

There are 2 more people before my turn. I waited there for about 30 minutes, while reading a book. It is quite convenience to bring a book along wherever you go. Finally, it is my turn to meet the doctor. My name was called by the assistant from the doctor's room.

I entered the room and greet the doctor. He looks like tired or something, but i don't want that to get over my objective of meeting the doctor. So I told him that I had psoriasis. He is aware of that and ask me if i am on observation or any kind of medication. I told him about my usage of polytar and citrizine, but i do not have any kind of observer. I think. I also told him about my psoriasis that occurs in the private part.

He prescribed me with 3 kind of ointment. 2 for morning use, 1 for the private part, 1 for body. Another one is for night usage. He also give me capsules which i forget what it is for... [sad]. He advised me to avoid food that can cause itchiness, and decreased my meat consumption. Tomatoes and eggplants are two veggies to avoid. He also told me to get more exposure to the sun, especially in the morning. It is a good source of vitamin and all sort of nutrient you could ever imagine. I thanked the doctor before leaving the room.

I waited in front of the counter for my prescription. It cost me RM140. It seems to be quite a lot of money but that is the price if you go to a specialist. Now, I am very eager to be a weekday vegetarian, and be healthier!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flared again! badly, duh~~~

I am not sure how it comeback.. but suddenly it become very worst. could be my diet, stress management, or allergic.

but i am pretty sure it is because of my environment, related to my allergic. i am allergic to house dust and house mites. it is my no 1 allergic factor [5 out of 5]. i have been living in my own rented room for the last 4 months and it gets better. but when i go to other place, like my parents house, it starts to flare up again. last week is my worst case scenario. i got asthma attack, flared psoriasis and uber muscle's pain.

Maybe it is related to my diet too. i have similar meals everyday, about 3 to 4 varieties only for the last 3 months. it sure improves my condition and i hardly feels itchy.

Stress. the last 4 months i have been working in a stressful environment. but it does not contribute to my flaring. last two weeks is a leisure time. and it suddenly flared. is it a sign to work hard and stop loitering?

Above of all, i need medication. i need the flares to reduces by January. I am going to another environment, i am starting to study again and i am going to take care of myself!

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Take care of yourselves