Monday, July 20, 2009

Snowy day = Shampoo day

when it is snowy... it is time for a shampoo...
now it is now the weather...
it is the snowy flakes that falls from top of my head...
luckily i have brought along my Polytar with me to the hostel.
one wash is enough to keep of the flakes from my head until tomorrow... or to days later... or whenever i need it again :D

another plague is already affecting my ear lobes... it is so itchy and feels good to scratch... i am relieved and satisfied until i realize it is bleeding because of excessive scratching... ouch...

moral of the story, always shampoo your hair and stop scratching :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey, what happen to your eyes?

Duh, im very annoyed with this kind of question.

the same goes with,

"hey, you got dandruff"


"whats on your nose"

and other similar questions.

mind your own business please. does my eyes condition irritates you? It is me who bares the itch.

It is called Psoriasis. Does it necessary or me to tell everybody that "I HAVE PSSORIASIS"?

Do i need to wear a sign saying "I HAVE PSORIASIS"...

duh, even if i told you that i have psoriasis, would you care? Why even asked that question in the first place at all?

Here are some facts.

Psoriasis does not transmit from one people to another.
Psoriasis does not have a cure [yet].
Psoriasis does not kill you [unless you are so stupid to commit suicide because you have one].
Psoriasis can occurs on anyone, no matter what race you are, where you come from, how old are you.

Psoriasis can be controlled by living a healthier lifestyle and cleaner environment. So, i always take my bath everyday, clean my bed, and avoid smokers in action.

next time anyone ask similar question, i will give them this link. oh, maybe i should include it in my namecard too.

Scabex is Awesome!


it relief my itchiness and help prevent me from scratching the infected skins.

duh, what is in it?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seafood Aftermath

It is a lovely evening that day when me and severals friends are traveling in Malacca. I suggested them to have dinner at my favourite Ikan Bakar spot at Padang Temu. I ordered a Jenak to be grilled with chillis. I declined the offer of prawns because i am very aware of it, but, not the Sepahat. I totally forgot about Sepahat, that belongs to the shell species.

And, later on, it started to itching all over my body... which worsen my Psoriasis condition.

urgh... the aftermath is very long. until now, there is no sign of getting better. skins keep on growing and falling on certain parts. The only medication that i take now is a pill known as citrizine. actually it is not my medication, it is for my father's allergies. but, it works to for me. i did not take it regularly, unless it is very unbearable.

Hoping to get well soon.