Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Allergy Test

psoriasis is not caused by allergy... but allergy test could help you prevent from scratching and uncomfortable feeling when you accidentally crashed with your allergies because you don't know...

In Malaysia there are many allergy test available. as for me, i went to BP lab in Malacca to do allergy test by blood. it cost me nearly RM400 [including transportation and miscellaneous]. it test 29 common allergies. my result is out within fortnight. yesterday i went to take the result.

i have a total IgE of 3... that means i do have allergies. the higher the number the worse. highest number 4. my test shows that i am allergic to shrimps, crab clams, mites and house dust mite. the doctor suggest me to stay away from those foods and keep my environment clean.

when you are allergic, it is stressful. and in my case, it promotes psoriasis. even though allergies are not the real cause, but it can worsen the psoriasis condition. rite now psoriasis is all over my head [scalp, ears, nose, eye lid] and my legs. some at the abdomen, arms and genital area. it is not severe but still noticeable.

social is a bit stressful with people asking about the dandruff... and they dunno about psoriasis when i told them about it. it just end up with oh.. and eee...