Flared again! badly, duh~~~

I am not sure how it comeback.. but suddenly it become very worst. could be my diet, stress management, or allergic.

but i am pretty sure it is because of my environment, related to my allergic. i am allergic to house dust and house mites. it is my no 1 allergic factor [5 out of 5]. i have been living in my own rented room for the last 4 months and it gets better. but when i go to other place, like my parents house, it starts to flare up again. last week is my worst case scenario. i got asthma attack, flared psoriasis and uber muscle's pain.

Maybe it is related to my diet too. i have similar meals everyday, about 3 to 4 varieties only for the last 3 months. it sure improves my condition and i hardly feels itchy.

Stress. the last 4 months i have been working in a stressful environment. but it does not contribute to my flaring. last two weeks is a leisure time. and it suddenly flared. is it a sign to work hard and stop loitering?

Above of all, i need medication. i need the flares to reduces by January. I am going to another environment, i am starting to study again and i am going to take care of myself!

for those who share the same problem like me in malaysia, do checkout these sites
malaysia psoriasis association
a psoriasis blog

Take care of yourselves


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